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Indianapolis Attractions - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis is home to a number of world class attractions for visitors and residents to enjoy. You can visit the Indianapolis Zoo, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Eagle Creek Park or the Indiana State Museum. The list goes on and on but there is one place that you can not go to Indianapolis without visiting. That place is the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Keep reading and learn about what you can expect to find on your visit of the Speedway.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway was built back in 1909 and is perhaps the most famous raceway on the earth. The 2.5 mile long course is home to the Indianapolis 500 every May. This event draws over 400,000 screaming fans to the speedway and is the worlds largest sporting event. In addition to this race, it is home to many other races, for example, there is the United States Grand Prix and of course the NASCAR Brickyard 400. When you visit the racetrack be sure to check out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum. It is located in the center of the racetrack's oval and is open every day from 9AM to 5 PM. The price of admission makes it a great deal. It is only $3 for adults and $1 for children. If you are a golf fan you might also want to check out the PGA golf course located at the facility. The course is very unique with 4 of the holes actually located inside the track. Hopefully by now you have decided to go and visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is a great attraction that the whole family will love.

If you would like to visit the speedway you can find it at 4790 W. 16th St in Indianapolis. For more information or for current events and visiting hours you can call the information line at 800-822-4639. Have fun.

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