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Vonage Internet Phone Service Benefits

When it comes to phone service I've tried everything. We need phones and communication. It's a daily necessity. However it goes without saying that most of these alternative phone systems just don't work all that well. There was a service called Dial Pad that I got all excited over. Sadly, the service was not all that great.

Introduce the voice over IP internet phone service Vonage. I'm sure you've seen the commercial and web ads for them all over the place. Well I being the curious type decided to jump in with them and see what the service was like. After all what's to stop me from trying another phone service. Transferring your phone number is easy these days.

Now there are many advantages that come with Vonage internet phone service that you may not know about. For one you are able to choose an area code from any market despite the location you live at. So in essence you could have your phone hooked up in Japan and use a New York phone number. It would work!

This also comes in handy when you travel. As long as the place you are going to has an internet connection you can take your land phone line along with you in the comfort of a small Vonage connection box.

Premium services like voicemail, caller ID, 3 Way calling, etc all come standard with the Vonage plan.

There are other options out there for internet phone service similar to Vonage. However when it comes to a delicate technology like voice over IP address phone I recommend staying with the market's strongest VOIP service - Vonage.

Here is a Vonage Web Site that gives you a FREE Vonage Approved Router and one month of FREE Vonage service when you sign-up there: http://www.VonageOneMonthFree.info/

Source: www.articlesphere.com