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Verizon Cell Phone Ring Tones - Get it Now

Verizon cell phone ring tones are available from Verizon's website. But opposed to the first impression you get the Verizon cell phone ringtones are not free. You will need airtime to access the ring tones.

There is a technique of sending yourself a Verizon cell phone ring tone to your mobile phone from your computer through email. However the quality is usually poor and not to mention you will be flirting with copyrights infringement. This technique is still not absolutely free either as it cost you the price of sending a picture message.

It is getting harder and harder to find quality Verizon cell phone ring tones for free. This is because of the increasing enforcement of digital copyright laws. And with companies like Verizon, someone has to pay for the ring tone. Either you pay or they pay on your ehalf.

Verizon's "Get it Now" service is the means by which you can download yourself a Verizon ringtone. The download involves a four step process.

First and as always you need a ring tone enabled cell phone. In particular you need to have a "Get It Now" enabled mobile phone. If you cellular phone can receive ring tones the Verizon network will display in your phone the "Get it Now" icon. This is a red sphere with a while exclamation mark.

Selecting the icon on the screen what you end up viewing is a file for all the ring tones you have downloaded in the past. It also gives you the option of the shopping cart to buy more ring tones.

Select the shopping cart from Apps and you will be connected to the network. You will then be provided with latest catalogue of ringtones to choose from.

It is in the process of choosing among the ringtones where by you will end up paying for the ring tones. Before you can peruse and find your choice you will spend some few minutes.

The alternative would be to use the online catalogue. Here you pay after you have chosen and downloaded your ring tone. It is no wonder that verizon cell phone ring tones are widely available among third party ring tones service provider. Such providers tend to be offering better deals. As a Verizon cell phone user, you should consider such ring tone service.

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Source: www.isnare.com