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Yellow Pages Advertising Design: Must You Use That Gargantuan Phone Number?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of Yellow Page advertisers like to display gigantic telephone numbers in their Yellow Page ads? Do you happen to be one of them? After 3 decades of designing print ads, I'm still perplexed (and amused) when clients occasionally comment on their Yellow Page ad proof with... "The ad is perfect, just make the phone number 5 times larger". I guess the thinking goes like this: The larger the numerals appear, the more likely your prospect will be to punch in those numbers. Sounds funny when put into words doesn’t it? The truth is that displaying a HUGE phone number doesn't mean your prospects are any more likely to call you.

A huge phone number just eats up costly and precious ad space. Your telephone number, along with your other Call-to-Action information (business name, logo, hours, etc.), should appear in the bottom portion of your ad, in a suitable size that does not detract from the overall LOOK and CONTENT of your Yellow Page advertisement. Correct proportional relationships between the various ad elements (Headline, Body Copy, Artwork & Call-to-Action) are far more essential to achieving a successful, phone-ringing Yellow Page advertisement. Regardless of the size of your ad, a 14-20 point phone number is PLENTY legible for all but the legally blind.

So what will cause prospects to call – in other words, what should you do with all that space that would have been taken up by your gargantuan phone number? Use every square millimeter of your limited ad space for what REALLY counts:

  • A big, benefit-related headline that sets you apart from the others in a powerful, meaningful way

  • A unique, eye-grabbing photo or illustration that reinforces the theme of your headline

  • Compelling use of "white space" that makes your ad inviting to the eye and easy to navigate

  • Persuasive and compelling ad copy that speaks to your prospect's emotional state of mind

  • So, if your phone number screams and dominates your Yellow Page ad space, downsize it and redirect the emphasis of your ad to the four items above. These elements (and how they interact with each other) will determine whether your next Yellow Page ad is a powerful, phone-busting winner OR just a plain 'ol sore loser.

    Would you like additional Yellow Page ad design tips and suggestions? Perhaps you have specific Yellow Pages advertising questions? Please contact me and I'll be happy to help.

    John Morana is president of MaxEffect Yellow Page Ad Design and has been immersed in advertising design for over 3 decades. For more tips and quick answers to your Yellow Page ad design questions OR to request a free, no-obligation Yellow Page ad design evaluation: Email john@max-effect.com, Call toll-free 800-726-7006 or Visit: http://www.max-effect.com/

    Source: www.articledashboard.com