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What Digital SLRs Cant Do

With all of the hype, it's easy to lose track of something.

Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras don't have all of the same features as compact cameras.

While a digital SLR is the ideal camera for the photographer who wants more control, they aren't for everyone.

Before you rush out to buy one, you should know what a digital SLR can't do.

No Photo Preview

If you own a compact digital camera, do you ever hold the camera up to your face to take a photo?

I doubt it.

With a compact camera, it's much easier to use the LCD on the back of the camera to set up your shot.

You won't be able to do this with a digital SLR.

The majority of digital SLR cameras don't have this live LCD preview mode. While you can use the LCD to adjust camera features and playback photos, you can't see the photo you're about to take.

As of April 2006 there is only one SLR with a live preview mode - the Olympus E330 - which helps narrow your options if this is a feature you really want.

No Movie Mode

Digital SLR cameras don't moonlight as video cameras.

They exist to take still photos, and that is all that they do.

If you want your camera to take short video clips along with your photos, you'll have to consider either a compact digital camera or SLR-like compact camera.

The SLR-like camera will have many features of a digital SLR, but will still include the movie mode that a digital SLR lacks.

No Electronic Zoom

If you own a compact digital or have done some research, you know that these cameras have electronic zooms.

There is a lever on the camera somewhere that lets you zoom the lens in and out.

This lever is convenient, because you can zoom right in on your subject with only one hand on the camera.

With a digital SLR, you'll need two hands.

None of the digital SLR zoom lenses are electronic, which means that you have to hold the camera with one hand and zoom the lens with the other.

In Summary

Are there advantages of owning a digital SLR camera? Absolutely.

But that's material for another article. For now, just realize that digital SLR cameras can't do everything that compact and SLR-like cameras can.

If you take the plunge and get one, at least you'll know ahead of time what features you'll be missing.

Chris Roberts dispenses practical plain-English advice and information about digital SLR cameras at the Digital SLR Guide. His 5-week ecourse in digital SLR technique helps beginners get the most out of their digital SLR cameras.

Source: www.articlesbase.com