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Customer Service is Simple; a Silly Strategy

So many entrepreneurs that I talk to about customer service tell me that they have great customers service and their customers love them. Yet, when I ask the customers this they often give me a different critique.

Are you sure you know that your customers love you? And even if they do what about all those customers who no longer patronize your business do they love you too or did they leave and are never to come back for indeed a different reason. Perhaps a complaint; why do I ask? Well I think that Customer Service is Simple; a Silly Strategy.

You see customer service is not easy nor is it free. To develop good customer service you may need the help of a professional customer service audit. Which may include a future secret shopper program, surveys and a complete over view of your business to find out where you are doing great, where you are not so good and what you must change immediately to prevent future customer turn-over.

Most businesses spend lots of money on advertising and marketing and yet they have underwhelming customer service, which is often turning customers away. Why do they do this?

Well Customer Service is not as Simple, as you might think it is and just telling all your employees to be really, really nice to all your customers is in fact a Silly Strategy. Not that telling employees to be nice is not a wise thing to do. Yes, do that, but follow up with training and improvement and you will increase your customer base thru word of mouth for half the price of a marketing or advertising campaign.

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