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Rinbot Virus- A New Threat To The Computer Network

A great threat to Symantec users has arrived in the form of Rinbot virus. Almost above 500 companies got suffered from this new virus in the month of March. Now the Symantec vendors have to develop some new features in the existing software which will help in stopping all new threats from coming inside.

The aim behind this virus is to attack or overcome all the weaknesses present in the Symantec anti-virus software. Hackers have made their big place in the computer world and these are the hackers which are boosting the cyber crime industry.

Most of the hackers hacks or try to hack those anti-virus programs developed by Microsoft but as they saw the popularity and large use of Symantec anti-virus. Itís become their challenge to break its walls of security.

This newly developed dangerous virus Rinbot spoils the number of systems connected in a network overcoming all the short comings seen in the existed anti-virus software. After getting control over the network computers, these computers are then used by hackers for multi purposes even if they are sitting on the remote location. As soon as Rinbot virus penetrates in to the system it changes the whole network in to Zombie. This virus helps in spreading spam to all the directories and software existed in the computer.

The virus appeared in March is the seventh version of Rinbot. While itís very first version was released in March 2005. CNN was attacked with this new Rinbot virus and it has affected the whole network of CNN media on 2nd March 2007.

Symantec vendor has launched a note in their website that Rinbot knows how create its way to go inside and threat the IRC server. It allows hackers to send any kind of command to the server to access all those files which are password protected and those which have no access to the unauthorized users.

This Rinbot virus seems to be a great danger for all the big organizations working on their projects in a linked network.

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