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Customer Service and Its Importance

Whenever we go out to eat what we look for the most after good food is the customer service. Most of the people prefer to eat at places where they like the customer service as when we go to eat outside then we are overwhelmed by good service to get that special feel. The customer service is therefore very important for a hotel or any other establishment if it want to survive in this competitive world. Customer service is not an easy job as you have to deal with stressful and thankless business sometimes. I have experience of eight years in this industry and all times were not good, some were worse enough to scatter my confidence. Even if you are not from hotel industry still you can understand the need for customer service as for people in hotel industry you earn your rent from the public by providing customer service.

I started my career in this industry by working at a Chinese restaurant owned by my best friend's father. In my interview my best friend's father and my new boss questioned me about the importance of customer service which I could not answer as since then I hadn't learned English very well. It was my luck that he was distracted by the cook otherwise I would have answered him the question I understood wrongly. I estimated that he asked that why is cussing servants in Portland. I still remember when my friend translated me the question I could not stop my laughing on the foolishness it would have been if I would have answered the wrong question that I understood before. Although I faced some problems in the starting due to communication problem but I was able to learn the importance of customer service in this industry. Most of the times I was late to deliver the food due to language problem which resulted in the irritated hungry customers who didnít paid me good tips in anger. Then I migrated from one job to the other from video stores to malls to bars. Bar was the place where I understood the new meaning of customer service when I had to deal with drunken customers. These customers are more than worse if they are angry and drunk, as your tip is gone in this case. You want and need the gratuity in the form of paycheck when you work positions like these.

I hope now you would have completely understood the importance of good customer service if you were unaware of it before. There would be a very few of such persons who have never gone to any dining or bar in their lifetime and if they have gone to such places then they can easily understand the importance of good customer service. Smile on face is the motto of the customer service. You not only make people happy by good customer service but also earn a good sum of money.

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