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Gossip Is Good For You

A wise person once said, "Extraordinary people talk about ideas, average people talk about events, and little people talk about other people." Yet, here are 5 Cool Ideas on why gossip is good for you.

1. Gossip is the hallmark of a healthy organization.
Silence is a scourge that represents apathy and indifference. In its healthiest form, gossip indicates that people are taking an interest in what's going on. True, not all gossip is grounded in reality, but neither are brainstorming sessions and the resulting innovative ideas.

2. Gossip is not bad when it exposes liars and frauds.
W. Mark Felt, Washington's "Deep Throat," was a gossiper. His serial gossiping with Carl Bernstein exposed improprieties of the Nixon administration and eventually brought down the President.

3. Gossip is an early warning system.
Gossip can act as an early warning system that prompts leadership to sharpen their message and provide training. Indeed, alert managers will respond to hidden agendas, malicious communication and insidious "Chinese whispers." The Chinese Whisper Phenomenon occurs when original messages are twisted beyond recognition as they are relayed through the communication chain.

4. Gossip withers in an environment of checks and balances.
A diversified social network encourages people to be forthright and less gossipy. Pity the employees who still don't know that it is illegal to purposely convey false information at work. It's plain stupid to do so via e-mail, voicemail or blogs, which conveniently provide an electronic trail back to the gossip.

5. Use gossip to get people talking about you.
Oscar Wilde wrote that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. Use gossip to heighten interest in your project, to advertise your service and to get yourself promoted.

Michael Angelo Caruso is President of the Edison House, a Michigan-based consulting company. He delivers 110 keynote speeches and training presentations a year. Mr. Caruso is author of the 5 Cool Ideas and the FastLearnerAudio series. To receive your free 5 Cool Ideas newsletter, simply visit EdisonHouse.com

Source: www.articletrader.com