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7 Reasons Citibank Credit Cards Can Serve You

Citibank has been around for nearly thirty years as a marketer of credit cards. The company came in when two credit card companies were already dominating the market and, through their aggressive consumer marketing campaigns, rose to the leader of a trillion dollar industry. So how did they do it? And why are Citibank credit cards the most attractive to customers? Here are seven reasons why Citibank credit cards are king.

Long History - Due to Citibank's long history as a lender, they have a better idea of what consumers want than other companies. Citibank offers the incentive programs that customers are really interested in, as well as keeping their fees and interest rates competitive.

Excellent Cash Back Rewards - Unlike the 'points' systems offered by other cards, Citibank offers cold hard cash to their customers. The average percentage is about 2% since the amount you get back depends on where you are shopping. Most cash back cards only give about 1% back to their customers.

Excellent Overall Interest Rates - While most Citibank credit cards offer a zero percent introductory rate for up to twelve months (with four months the average), the final interest rate is also very good in comparison to other credit cards out there. Some Citibank cards offer APRs as low as 13.74% with the average not much higher.

Excellent Security Features - Citibank offers their customers the option to put their face on the front of their card to provide security and prevent identity theft. They also have it in their policy that they will not hold any customer responsible for any amount of fraudulent charges. Many other companies have the option of charging you up to $50 of unauthorized charges made on your card.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Customer Service - Citibank trains their customer service representatives to understand the needs of their customers. They are friendly and helpful in a world where too many customer service reps are clueless and hostile.

No Annual Fee - The majority of Citibank credit cards come with no annual fee. This means a savings to the consumer who is often "taken to the bank" by credit card companies.

Excellent Online Services - Citibank has an innovative and interactive website set up to assist their customers with all sorts of credit card services. Customers can pay their bill online, chat with customer service, and even perform online balance transfers.

With all of the benefits Citibank offers, you can be sure that you are dealing with a professional organization that is sensitive to your financial needs.

Morgan Hamilton is an experienced Financial Adviser who has written a number of informative articles on the topic of Citibank Credit Cards. Visit FindQualityCreditCards.com to learn more about Citi Credit Card Offers.

Source: www.articlealley.com