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Comcast Delivers Convenience and Savings with Their New Bundled Services Plan

You may have already been approached by one of your service providers with what they called a bundled service plan, but donít be fooled, because only Comcast provides true bundled services that offer you the customer maximum savings and convenience. What they do is simply market their services together in the same phone call, but they are all still delivered by separate providers with separate bills and separate customer service numbers and what you are left with is just what you started with in the end.

Comcast provides all of the services that they offer and they are in partnership with no one, so they are in a much better position to offer you more savings and convenience. All of your services from Comcast are covered on one monthly bill that combines everything into one simple discount fee that you pay and this simplicity also translates into more savings for you.

Comcast has always been the most recognized name in TV programming and they still are with two-hundred and seventy-five channels of programming to offer their family of viewers. No other service provider comes close to this number and Comcast also has forty music channels that come free of charge with their programming packages as well.

With Comcast there is no equipment that has to be mounted on your home and a solid and reliable cable connection means that you are always guaranteed problem free TV viewing. Cable service providers have always had the least expensive entry level packages and Comcast has the least expensive of them all and they also come with a broad choice of additional channels that you can add on at any time while you are a Comcast family member.

Comcast also has the widest variety of pay per view options and only a cable service provider like Comcast can deliver you on demand pay per view that doesnít leave you waiting for hours for your movie to arrive for you to watch it. With either one of Comcast two on demand pay per view plans you get your movie as soon as you order it and that is the way pay per view is supposed to operate.

For internet service there is nothing faster than broadband high speed cable internet service from Comcast. If you are into video games then broadband high speed cable service is just what you need to get in on the fast action of online group competition video games. Satellites high speed internet service has a slight lag time that is caused by the signal traveling to and then from the satellite before it is registered in the game.

Itís only a fraction of a second, because it travels at the speed of light but itís just enough to cause you to never get your can of whupass opened properly. Comcast high speed internet service also comes with free firewall and anti virus protection software from McAfee and this also comes with free life time upgrades. Comcast phone service is entirely digital now and digital efficiency translates into savings for their customers.

Itís a flat rate billing system that gives each and every customer free long distance calling in the U.S., Canada and Alaska, any time, day or night, seven days a week. With Comcast you also get all of your convenience features at no cost to you also and it includes voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding just to name a few of the twelve that you receive. Bundled services are the way of the future and only Comcast has true bundled services that deliver real savings and convenience.

Written by Tony Foster. Find the latest information on an Comcast Cable Deals as well as Cable TV Offers

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