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Why I like Blockbusters Online DVD Film Rental

Online DVD film rental companies allow a person to rent and buy DVD movies on-line through the mail. Normally, a customer interacts with the DVD rental company via the Internet and recieves the films ordered via regular mail.

How DVD film rental works

DVD film rental companies operate on the following model: A new customer joins the DVD rental service and creates a list of good movies they will like to rent, next the DVD rental company sends movies from the customers list by regular mail, finally the customer receives the films, views them and sends them back and receives another film from list.

The best-known DVD film rental company today is known as BlockBuster.

Blockbuster DVD Film Rental

I am in love with Blockbuster's DVD rental service, Its easy to use, quick and affordable. Another popular Film rental company is Netflix.

The reason i don't use Netflix and won't advice anyone to use its service is because their service is expensive, DVD delivery is slow and they don't provide coupons as often as Blockbuster does.

Another reason i use Blockbuster to rent and buy DVD movies on-line is because they provide free movie and game rental coupons to users each month.

The last reason i love Blockbuster's service is their fast and efficient delivery of DVD rentals, they have an arrangement with USPS that enables Blockbuster to electronically register DVD's refund before they actually arrive their office. This saves time for both Blockbuster and their users benefit from greater turn-around time for their next DVD rental.

If you are looking for an efficient, reliable and affordable Online DVD film rental service, I highly recommend Blockbuster online DVD rental.

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