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So, Your Customer Has A Complaint - Part 1

So you are a business owner or a customer service representative and you have a customer who is calling you with a complaint or a problem with your product or service? What should you do about your customer and their call?

The first thing to do when your customer calls with a complaint is to stop; that is to defy everything that your brain, your heart, and your emotions tells you to do. Your brain, your heart, and your emotions tell you, no, they scream out to you to-start talking, defending yourself and your company and to justify or to explain what has happened to your customer. Rather, what you should do is...


Yes, Stop, take a big deep breath, be silent and listen to what your customer or client has to say!

Even if they are wrong!

Even if you are right! Allow your customer to fully explain what has happened, how they feel, and why they are feeling that way. Show your customer that you care about them and that you want to help them by listening fully to their complaint or their issue. Once they are done speaking the first words out of your mouth should be something to the effect of, "That's horrible," or "thatís terrible." Then inform your customer what you are going to do to help them get their problem or issue resolved.

You will be glad that you took the time to listen to your customer because what you learn just might help you solve their problem or complaint easily and painlessly for you as a business owner and in turn create a loyal customer for life.

Harold Cameron
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