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New Customer Cell Phone Deals

New customer cell phone deals differ considerably from renewal and better cell phone deals. Now because of intense competition in the market, cell phone companies offer attractive cell phone deals for new customers. If you are thinking of taking advantage of the new mobile revolution, you have to choose the best cell phone deal available.

Before signing a deal, go through as many plans as possible. Evaluate coverage maps to find the service providers of your area and to avoid roaming expenses. Estimate the type of network - CDMA, GSM, UMTS or TDMA - that suits the areas you call. Determine the type of plan you and your family needs. Often family plans and shared calling plans can save a lot of money. Determine the time in minutes needed for the cell phone deal. A plan that offers at least 150 anytime minutes is recommended.

As a new customer, prepaid cell phone plans are better than post paid ones. Client reviews and performance surveys done by many organizations may be useful tools in determining the service of cell phone deal providers. Browsing through the Internet gives an idea about the merit of each cell phone company, model and deal plan. Online shopping of cell phones is cheaper than direct purchasing as dealer fee is avoided. Select the cell phone deal that includes lots of free gifts. Make sure that voicemail facility is included in the deal at no extra cost.

If your occupation needs a lot of traveling, it is advisable to select a regional mobile phone plan. Always use trial offers that last for 14 to 30 days. Then evaluate the cell phone model and services provided. A short service contract is better, even if it is costly. Many cell phone providers offer great discounts over plans that involve a one or two year service contract. But failure in paying monthly calling fees will result in a huge termination penalty. Never fall for advertisements or publicity stunts. Expensive unnecessary facilities are also to be avoided. One can ask friends and acquaintances about their present deal, before arriving at a decision.

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