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Customer Service - The Very Old Business

Customer Service is one of the most specialized areas of businesses. In todayís world of cut throat competition, businesses are investing large amount of revenue in the business process to improve the customer service in the hope to increase the number of loyal customers. However, very few people realize that by keeping the customers satisfied alone will not bring your more loyal customers.

What is the scope of customer service? How can you master the concept and improve the customer service in you businesses or at your workplace.

Every customer who approaches you is a baby. A Baby sometimes hungry, sometimes angry, sometimes bored, sometimes playful, sometimes excited and every time when a customer approaches you need to understand his mood and position yourself vis-ŗ-vis the customer. No customer is identical, No problem is alike, they just look similar superficially.

The key concept that has worked with me and worked with my team of call center professionals in Telecom, Banking is to make the customer feel that you are one among them. Share joy with them, share pain with them, and understand your customerís pain area.

Look little further, skip a step and show the customer that you are more than happy to go extra mile to solve their problems. Tell them this might be an unique situation but you would give your best shot to sort it our. Donít be afraid to them if are at the wrong side. Apologize straight away. Exceed customer expectation, take them by surprise, offer something new. May be just a thank you card, an anniversary card but build relationship with your customer and soon you would know that customers are no more customers but fan of yours.

So here is the mantra: Assume customer to be a baby, share joy or pain with him, go extra mile if required fight for him, take him by surprise, make him feel that he is the VIP in your life. Thank your customer for calling. He is doing a favor by calling and telling you that you have a problem which when sorted out could be your major competition differentiator.

These are very few tricks which have worked well for me and for many of my team members. Hope this works for you as well. Please donít hesitate to contact me with your suggestions and feedback. Thank you.

Source: www.a1articles.com