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3 Tips To Choose A Good Internet Service Provider

Most people donít give it much thought but in this day and age internet can be your lifeline to the world. We pay bills, get phone service, talk to people and send emails. So if you choose a lousy internet service provider you can hurt yourself a lot. Here are 3 ways you can choose a good ISP:

1. Donít go by the cheapest. Internet Service Providers (ISP) have popped up like mushrooms everywhere. Most of them have only one way to attract customers Ďoffer cheap internet serviceí. People get suckered by the offer and next thing you know it is very hard to change. You have to change your email address, you have to get used to new ways of accessing the internet. Most donít have good customer service. The smaller the ISP the worse their customer service because they just canít afford to have a battery of service representative answering questions. So donít go for the cheapest.

2. Look for speed: Speed is a very important factor. When you are doing your work if it takes forever for the screen to display, you are going to be very frustrated. Internet works best if you are going at the speed of your thought process. It is true that your computer hardware is a factor in the overall speed. But if the ISP is running at a low speed, there is no way for you to get information fast enough. Bandwidth is like a pipe. The smaller the pipe the less information you are going to get. The bigger the pipe the better your chances of going from websites to website quickly. Most smaller ISPís have very limited bandwidth. Watch out for mom & pop ISPs because they will generally be unattended websites that just want you to sign up and collect monthly fee. They are selling some one elseís service under their name. This practice is called Ďprivate brandingí. Let me give an example. Amazon sells their books through not only their own website but a lot of private websites that sell Amazonís products. So itís like Amazon has several private stores selling their wares. Why does Amazon do this? Because Amazon wants only a sale to make a buck. Why would a private website want to sell Amazonís products because? Because the website owner gets a commission.

3. What happens when you leave? Ask this question up front. If for some reason you have to part ways with your ISP, what happens then? Most ISPs will lock you into some form of commitment. At sign-up is the time to find out if you are locked in or free to go. Do your research. Compare ISPs at a site like ĎGet an ISP dot comí. Get answers to your questions before you sign up with an ISP.

Bob Youngtwo writes on internet issues. He can be reached at administrator at SwitchEmail.com. The company provides solution for bounced email. http://www.SwitchEmail.com

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