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Make A Spring, For Sprint Cellular Phones

For the longest time Sprint was known for itís usage as a home phone provider, well now all that has changed. Sprint has partnered with Nextel, so all their phones are commonly called Spring Nextel cellular phones. Sprint use to offer just, home phone service and internet, but now and for quite some time they have offered cell phones. Sprint Nextel as it is called today, is climbing the charts , they recently bought out 3 small wireless providers, so whatís next for Sprint Nextel?

Whatís offered?

With Spring and Nextel cellular phones you can get prepaid, plans, and contract phones. Nextel commonly offered the walkie talkie feature on their phones, they led the way for this break through. Soon Sprint and all other cell phone providers were rushing to add this ability to their products. So now you can purchase a cell phone from Sprint that has walkie talkie capabilities.


Sprint offers free sprint to sprint customer calling, with the merge of Nextel and Sprint now all Nextel and Sprint customers can call each other without worrying about charges. Sprint also offers free nights and weekends on most of their plans, as well as plans that allow free incoming calls, and will only charge you for outgoing calls. On some plans going over your minutes does not cost by per minute but by every 30 minutes you go over you are charged overages.

Sprint, for me or not?

Spring cellular phones offer quite a bit of perks, they have excellent coverage, and who can beat free calling to another person with the same company as you? A downside to Sprint Nextel phones is that fewer handsets are offered than you might find with another provider. Sprint makes up for this with great call quality and the ability to try your phone for 14 days before deciding to keep your phone. Sprintís other down side is that they use a PCS technology when tends to run on a higher frequency than others, and therefore may have shorter ranges than another company might.

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