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There is Nothing Simple about Customer Service

Many companies think that Customer Service is simple and indeed it could be argued that good service is simple from the customer's perspective. But a proper customer service strategy is hardly simple. You must take stock of your entire organization and find out all the points where your company interacts with your customers. Where you interact with your vendors and how you can improve all this interaction.

Making it easier for customers to do business with you is a key, but so is making it pleasurable. This is why often business are advised to get smart about their customer service and hire a professional. Someone who can literally come in and audit all your customer contact points and see where you need improving. And it is much more than simply asking your customers and doing surveys.

Doing surveys of course is important but what you do with that information after you collect it is indeed paramount. Simply collecting information and sitting on it makes no sense. You see there really is nothing simple about customer service. If you wish to improve customer service you have to have a strategy in place which makes sense and it must be comprehensive, no sense in giving good customers service in one aspect of your business only to end up turning customers away in another. Consider all this in 2006.

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Source: www.isnare.com