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Customer Service for Mobile Tool Sales People

Perhaps you have seen the Matco or Snap-On Tool Guys out there peddling their tools to local mechanics in your community. Indeed they have to be good at sales, but more importantly they must be good at customer service too. They have to work with their customers and they must also be careful to get paid, as these independent business guys are generally independent contractors or franchisees and they are responsible for that outlay. Good customer service means more sales, referrals and getting paid first and that equates to their bottom line and most importantly their cash flow too.

How can you provide better customer service for a mobile tool business? Well, you can make sure that you show up every single week at the exact same time and if you are not going to make it you need to call and let everybody know or a week ahead of time let everybody know that you will be on vacation for one week.

Customer service also starts with a friendly smile and a great attitude with good displacement. The one-liner or joke of the day does not hurt either. Good customer service comes from asking questions and understanding the needs and desires of your customers and making sure you can fulfill those desires to the best of your ability with the products that your company has to offer. Please consider this in 2006.

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Source: www.isnare.com