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Customer Service Considered; Buy The Book

For many years in business we concentrated on total customer service and then one day I bought the book on customer service. Well one of the books. There are many very great books on the subject to help you in your business. In Carl Sewell’s book; Customers For Life; How to Turn That One Time Buyer Into A Lifelong Customer; I sure learned a lot.

Almost as much as the books on customer service, which explain how to survey customers to find out what they really think. And boy will you be surprised when you find out too. In fact these types of books in combination seem to make a winning customer service program for any small business or large corporation.

I once thought that maybe Carl Sewell’s book could be called the Bible of customer service in the Real World. The author is right and well, his customers love him in Dallas. I surveyed his customers; think of it. I surveyed the authors customers in his business to see if he was legit. Indeed he practices what he preaches and then I thought I had better survey my own customers too. I did and you should too; because the changes you make in customer service after that, well your customers will love you too! Consider all this in 2006.

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