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What Service Companies are Looking for in a Resume

What are service companies looking for in a resume? A service company is looking for someone who is trainable so they can train them in the ways and methods that their business does service. They are also looking for social people who are very good at listening to customers and help build customer confidence.

If you ever worked in a business, which requires good customer service then that is definitely something you will want to put on your resume. Believe it or not most service companies also like to see some team sports in high school and college on a resume and although this may not seem like something that belongs on a resume I would advise you to put it on your resume anyway, when looking for a service job.

Service companies are looking to see that you have worked for companies before who excel in customer service. For instance if you have ever worked as a kid or a teenager at Starbucks or McDonald's then a service company may look at that as a very positive thing, whereas someone in corporate America may dismiss that it is simply your first job.

If you have worked for other service companies for more than two years then other service companies like to see stuff like that on your resume as well. When going for an interview with the human resources director of a service company they want to make sure you are personable and listen. If you can do all that and have a great resume you are as good as hired. Please consider this in 2006.

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