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Customer Service for Executives Too

Everyone in a corporation should learn customer service and that includes the executives to. The late great Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's stated in his book; Grinding It out. That each of his executives had to spend time behind the counter of a McDonald's store greeting customers and understanding the business model in each month. He insisted that his executives never lost touch with reality and understood what their business was all about. It was about customer service he would say and he was right.

Ray Kroc used to say that if a customer is happy when they leave the store they will come back 10 more times. If they are unhappy they may frequent a different restaurant 10 more times until they forget about their bad experience. What he was driving at is that if you lose a customer you lose 10 times of what ever that sale was when they receive the bad service.

Customer service is as important today as it was back then and it will always be the quintessential part of any corporation or small business. If you cut corners on your customer service you will pay for it ten-fold. Customer service means increased sales and increased sales mean successful businesses. Customer service is the key to the health of your company and the wealth that it generates. Please consider all this in 2006.

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