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Wireless Services

Wireless services have become highly in-demand with the changes in the lifestyles of the people. Such services have played an increasing role in helping people get things done and in bridging them together in what has come to be known as a virtual community.

Wireless technology is able to function by using radio waves that range from 3 KHz to as much as 300GHz. Usage of such waves must be licensed by the government. More advanced technological uses of such waves are limited and, as such, can only be utilized after winning in an auction.

An example of a wireless service is wireless Internet service. This service has been attractive for people who need to do office work even when they are in transit. This is made possible by technological devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and laptops.

At present, a new wireless service has been developed to provide enhanced voice and video services. This is called third generation wireless. Such a service supports real-time video and mobile Internet access.

In the near future, a fourth generation wireless service can be expected. This is currently being developed in Japan and is capable of speeding up data rates to up to 20Mbps. Phones with 4G capability will soon be released in the United States.

Another form of wireless service is wireless telecommunications. This can be availed of by enrolling in a wireless phone plan or getting prepaid plans. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the suitability of either plan ultimately depends on the needs and capability of the user. Among the things that can ultimately affect the applicability of a prepaid or postpaid plan are frequency of usage, types of usage, and preferred phone services.

To facilitate wireless telecommunications, a mobile network operator is necessary. They are licensed providers of wireless phone services. They buy radio spectrum licenses from the government to be able to set up their cell facilities.

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