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An ASO Ankle Brace Can Help!

If you've ever had to go to a medical supply store to find an ankle brace, you were probably surprised to find so many different styles, each of which is designed to address a specific medical condition or injury. Back and leg braces, knee braces and ankle braces are all designed to suit one purpose, and that's to support joints. An ASO ankle brace is a special kind of ankle brace that's called an Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis. Orthosis is a fancy word for Orthotic, which in turn means 'a branch of mechanical or medical science that deals with the support of weak or ineffective joints or muscles'. Ergo, an ASO ankle brace, is designed to support the ankle joint in a manner in which other ankle braces won't.

Most types of ASO ankle braces slip on over the foot and are then anchored into place over the ankle joint while supporting the heel area, the mid foot and up over the ankle joint. Some ASO ankle brace designs will have a thin metal rod inserted inside the canvas or nylon material for added support to the ankle joint. Some ASO ankle brace designs can be worn inside a shoe, while others can't, so if you have a preference, let your doctor know about it, or the personnel at the medical supply store. Most ASO ankle brace styles aren't carried in drug stores or supermarkets, so you may have to find a medical supply store in your area or order one over the Internet. Price ranges for an ASO ankle brace start at around $40 and run higher, but it all depends on what type of ASO ankle brace you decide to purchase.

An ASO ankle brace can be a small, compact type brace that fits over the heel like a canvas glove, with a Velcro strap that holds it in place above the ankle joint. Then again, an ASO ankle brace can slide over the foot and reach almost halfway up the calf, with Velcro straps and laces for additional support, as well as stiff plastic supports that slide into pockets at strategic points around the ankle joint. While some ASO ankle brace styles allow for comfort, they are meant to stabilize an ankle joint, so no matter which style you select, be aware that ankle movement and range of motion will be somewhat restricted. Such restrictions enable torn muscle tissues or healing bones to grow or mend in the correct anatomical position.

Some ASO ankle brace models are designed to help prevent edema in the healing joint, but this is a type of brace that your doctor will surely discuss with you. For ankle injuries more severe than typical sprains and strains, it's a good idea to visit your doctor to make sure you are not suffering from hairline fractures, displacements or bone growth issues that might affect your walking ability if not healed properly. If your doctor prescribes or suggests an ASO ankle brace to help support your joint while you heal, take the advice and follow his or her instructions.

Linda Woods is a freelance writer and radio talk show host with a focus on healing, self-help and empowerment. Intention is everything. Our intention is to help you heal. Get all the latest in medical brace know how from the one and only true source at http://www.placeforabrace.com Be sure to check out our ASO ankle brace pages.

Source: www.articlecity.com