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In Search Of Upper Back Pain Products

What is available out there? What can you do about your posture issue? What upper back pain products can I find to help me improve my posture? The available items seem to fall into two main categories: exercises and supports. (We won't include any type of prescription or over-the-counter medications here.)

Why not choose a posture strap or other posture correcting device when seeking out upper back pain products? Isn't correcting your posture problem what you're trying to do? Why not go for the item that seems to do it almost instantly?

It's right there on your computer screen. In the before picture she is slumping and this looks a lot like you. You know that those shoulders have to be causing her some pain. In the after picture, her posture is restored and she looks great. You can almost feel the back pain relief.

I think that's the idea. They want you to be sold on how the person looks just moments after they put on the brace. I have no doubt that's how they looked. What they don't show is how that person looks weeks or months later (if they even continue to wear the brace).

If the person continues to wear the posture brace for weeks and months, the device will gradually lose its effectiveness. It can't possibly strengthen your upper back muscles and help to maintain the good posture result. At best you've now created a crutch that must be worn forever in order for your spine to stay in a good position.

The other type of upper back pain product out there is the kind that teaches you how to strengthen your posture muscles to alleviate the pain. By strengthening (and stretching) the rigth muscles, you build your own back brace out of muscle.

This creates support for the spine and its associated spinal discs. The more pressure you can take off the spine, the greater the amount of relief you'll likely feel in your upper back. More importantly, you're not just removing one problem and creating another in its place.

Taking the time to strengthen the back muscles that are creating the pain in the first place will stabilize and prevent ongoing problems, not just temporarily make it seem like the problem has been fixed.

Natalie Cordova, D.C., a chiropractor and posture expert, wants to help you change your posture for good. Learn to improve posture at http://www.ImproveMyPosture.com

Source: www.articletrader.com