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Do Gifts Of Socks Suck Or Should You Stock Up?


If you like getting socks for Christmas or your birthday, then you are in the minority. No one likes socks, yet we all get them at one point or another in our lives. Why are these gifts so popular, why do we need them and why do people keep buying them for other people but never for themselves.

Do We Need Them?

Humans have been walking up right for a million or so years, and during the vast majority of our species' life, we have not used socks. If anything, we have worn shoes, usually made of leather, to protect our feet, so why do we wear socks?

Are they even necessary to wear? Do we need to wear something while we wear our shoes? Well, the truth is that we probably do not need socks but so many of us have become accustom to them that it is highly unlikely people are going to stop wearing socks anytime soon.

Of course, this does not answer the question of if we really need them. No matter what the answer is, whether we need them or not, socks still constitute a multi-billion dollar industry across the world.

Good Gift?

Ask anyone who has received the gift of socks and they will say no, while the people who give those gifts will say that they are.

For the people who receive the gift of socks, they don't like them because they see them as cheap and a gift that takes zero thought at all. While the people who give the gift of socks will like the gift for the exact same reasons, they are cheap and easy to find anywhere in the world. Of course, whether you buy them or get them, it is the thought that counts, no matter how small of a thought it was.


Socks are a very common gift, given by everyone to everyone else. They are cheap, easy to find and there are not usually any size restrictions, nor color restrictions, with most coming in the standard colors of white or black.

Whether they are needed by our species or not, they are bought by millions of people every year, putting thousands of people to work making a product that most people don't think about, but everyone uses. Who knew that there was so much to the gift of socks? Think about that the next time you put your socks on.

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Source: www.isnare.com