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On Your Next Trip, Take Along a Good Travel Pillow

When packing for a trip, we try to remember all the things we need to take. Not many people think of taking a pillow. Pillows conjure up thoughts of bulkiness, heaviness and definitely not necessary. But think again. How comfortable are you when you travel. When you are away from home, and not in your usual environment, you instantly become uncomfortable. That is where pillows can help.

There are comfort pillows, back pillows, and neck pillows. Travel pillows today are easy to pack. The most familiar travel pillow is the U-shaped neck pillow. This pillow comes in memory foam, air, buckwheat and millet. All of these materials will support your neck curve and give you comfort. The most popular one is the buckwheat and it is the least expensive. When you wear this U pillow on the airplane, you can nap without your head pulling your spine out of position.

For back support on the airplane, we recommend a small air lumbar pillow. The airplane pillow helps but it will not mold to your back enough to give good support. The air pillow is easily inflated and then deflated for packing. Put just enough air into it to make it soft and flexible to mold to your lumbar area better. And if you are wondering where the lumbar area is, it is about an inch below the belly button. That is the area that needs to be supported. A support pillow will keep you from slumping into the back of your seat.

Then there is the pillow you sleep on. The hotel pillows are nice and fluffy but do they give your neck support. If they are feather or down, probably not. You want a pillow that is contoured to fit into the curve of your neck. Memory foam pillows are ideal. There is a small one that can be rolled up and tucked into your purse or suitcase. Always try pillows out in the store to make sure they fit in your neck curve. Pillows are not returnable so select carefully. Ask the sales assistant to check your body alignment whenever selecting pillows. When lying down, you want a nice straight line across with the contour pillow fitting comfortably into the neck curve. Back sleepers do not require as high a contour as side sleepers so they may prefer a flat memory foam pillow. A carrying case is usually supplied. Rolling memory foam does not hurt it at all so it is perfect for travel.

A knee pillow to slip between the legs made of memory foam or regular foam will also make you more comfortable while sleeping. You can slip the hotel pillow between your legs above the knee but it does not work as well as a pillow designed for this purpose.

For the car, your options are more varied since you do not need to pack the pillow. A small lumbar pillow made to support the back will work just fine and it can be in the less expensive polyurethane rather than memory foam. For a very long trip, a seat that supports the entire spine works best with a connecting back and seat pillow.

Where do you find these pillows. Mostly at back stores or online at popular mattress sites, but the airport gift shops are now starting to carry them at reasonable prices.

So please, be more comfortable on your next trip away from home. I think you will find that on your next trip, your pillows will be the first thing you pack.

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Source: www.articlealley.com