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Weight Lifting Belt - Dont Go Real Heavy On The Iron Without This

Are you wondering what type of weight lifting belt you should buy? Read on for the information you need. A weight lifting belt is considered essential if you are lifting weights. Whether you are lifting weights for enjoyment as part of a fitness routine or you are into competitive weight lifting, then having support for your back muscles is very important.

A belt supports the back differently than a back brace, so you shouldn't confuse the two. When you are doing a normal weight lifting exercise, such as the squat, wearing a belt not only reduces the pressure on the lower back, but it also helps to reduce compression on the spinal discs by as much as 50%.

There are two main reasons for wearing a belt when weight lifting. They are designed to reduce the pressure on the spine and to prevent hyperextension when you are doing overhead lifts. It does this by compressing the contents of the abdominal cavity.

Increasing the pressure on the abdomen provides more support for the bones in the lower back. The belt must be worn tight in order to be effective. However, a tight belt can raise blood pressure, so belts should only be worn when performing lifts where the weight is supported by the back and in any exercises that could cause the back to hyperextend.

There are different types of belts and all are not suited for the same purpose. A 4 inch belt is one that most people use. It is good for lifting up to 500 pounds. A belt that is a full 6 inches in the back, tapers to 3 inches on the sides and then widens to 4 inches in front is best for taller individuals.

It provides excellent abdominal coverage. A power lifting belt is built with reinforced neoprene. This makes it more durable and stronger. This belt has a stainless steel buckle so that it is an exact fit. You can also have a leather power lifting belt. When you decide that you need a belt to give you support when lifting weights, you need to check the belt to make sure you have the right support.

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