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Texas Family Law - Child Support

Texas is very precise on the guidelines of family law when it comes to child support. Most statues for child support place consideration on the income of the obligated parents capping it at $6,000 a month. Based on the amount of income, the number of children and the situation of the divorce, the parent is obligated to pay a minimum of 20% of their net resources to the parent with the possession of the child. In addition, the child must have health care and the payor must also provide this if itís not available through their employer. These obligations must be paid until the child turns 18 years old, or graduates from high school.

If either party wants to adjust their obligation to this child support, they must petition the court for a reexamination of the situation and provide proof of the changes to the circumstances. This process of dealing with the courts can be long and confusing without the proper legal help. In addition this process is also taxing both emotionally and financially while not always providing the desired outcome. In this situation it is in oneís best interest to be consulted by an experienced family lawyer. An experienced family lawyer will significantly increase the chances of the decision going in your favor.

Your child is worth it.

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