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Lower Back Support Pillows

An Effective Remedy for Back Pain

Lower back support pillows can be quite helpful in reducing back pain. Sitting for long periods and that too without any support can create muscle tension and result in pain in the lower portion of our back. The use of a right kind of a pillow, such as lower back support pillows, plays an important role in reducing or alleviating back pain or neck pain. Lower back support pillows fill the natural gap between the lower spine and the chair on which one is sitting. Such pillows provide the requisite support to our head, neck and shoulders, besides keeping them in alignment, thus relieving pressure and tension from our body. The lumbar support pillows also provide a comfort feeling and enable one to relax, enabling the person to have a sound sleep

People with spinal disorders can benefit a lot by using lower back support pillows. Pillows filled with firm material are more effective in providing support than feather pillows. People suffering from spinal disorders are likely to benefit more from pillow filled with firm material, such as grain or buckwheat hulls.

Lower back support pillows not only provide comfort, but also provide adequate support to a personís neck and back. However, it is very essential that the pillow be placed at the right height. If you place a pillow at a high height, it can result in muscle strain in the back or the neck. Similarly, if the height of the pillow is too low, the neck tends to get strained.

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