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Ankle Mobility Exercises - Easy Ankle Movements To Help Your Performance For Your Game

Keeping the ankle joint mobile and the surrounding muscles flexible will definetly help an athletes performance on the field, court or ice. Too many times when I have trained some of my athletes/teams, I have found that many of them have stiff and fairly immobile ankles.

Having stiff ankles not only will hinder your speed but could easily lead to an injury of the ankle, knee,hip and back. Even if you are already fast, performing these easy ankle mobility exercises consistently could make you faster because it will provide a more fluid movement to the ankle. Fluid movement of ALL joints is critical. This is what you want if you are an athlete, don't you?

Here are three easy ankle mobility exercises that any athlete can use in their warm ups and post game/practice recovery exercises.

1. Ankle circles- Lie on back with legs straight. Pull right knee up towards chest and grab underneath knee with both hands. Proceed to circle ankle, not knee, in a clockwise direction for 20 -30 reps. Repeat other direction. Perform the same movement with the other ankle.

2. Ankle pumping- Same position as above but now pull ankle towards you and then push downward or away from you. Do not let knee do the movement. Do 20- 30 reps.

For these exercises it is common to feel a "burn" in the ankle. This is fatigue in the muscle. The more consistent you are with these exercises, the less likely you will feel this burn.

3. Ankle pushdowns- Get in push up position and put right foot behind left foot. Lift up left heel as high as possible and then push it down so that heel touches ground. Hold 2 seconds and repeat movement 10-12 times. Repeat other foot.

Can't reach the ground with heel? This is because the ankle is stiff. Keep doing this exercise to increase your mobility.

As mentioned earlier, don't be lazy. These easy exercises take about 3 minutes to do and the investment is well worth it.


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