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Work at Home Jobs - Are they all Scams?

The advent and ease of use of the Internet have brought work at home jobs into a whole new era. Unfortunately, just like in times past, work at home job scams have come right along with legitimate work. If you're looking for work at home jobs online and become frustrated and confused, there are a few simple guidelines to follow. By paying attention to the following signals, you'll find rewarding and legitimate work at home jobs.

In your search for work at home jobs, make sure to pay close attention to the website where the opportunity is presented. A legitimate job will always have contact information where you can reach the company. If you have any qualms about the work at home job, always use the contact information on the website to reach someone who can answer your questions. This will also allow you to test whether or not the contact information is up to date.

If a website makes outrageous claims for their work at home jobs (like earning $1000s in just a few days) it is probably a scam. Also watch out for work at home job sites that claim they will find you a position, but only end up selling you information. No legitimate work at home job will ask for money.

Legitimate work at homes jobs are there to be found. There are many companies both on and off line that are willing to pay people to work from home. Customer service positions, telemarketing, writing and sales are normally legitimate work at home jobs. These types of jobs pay on a per-project or commission basis.

Many websites specialize in work at home jobs, and some list legitimate jobs that have been carefully screened. Most of the time, work at home jobs are listed by category and there are links to the main companies website from the third party site. Regardless of where you get your work at home job leads, do your research carefully before you invest your time in an opportunity.

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