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Will The Total Talk Voip Replace AOL Internet Phone?

Making calls to your friends and family through your normal telephone is becoming obsolete. It is now the norm for people to talk to their friends and family with instant messaging services such as Yahoo, AOL, and MSN. Another version of using your computer to communicate is using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

What exactly is VoIp and how do you use it?

VoIp is a class of hardware and software that allows people to use the Internet for making telephone calls. One of the many advantages of this type of service is no surcharge. The amount you pay for this service is included in your monthly Internet fees.

AOL is coming out with a new "Total Talk VoIP" that is to replace AOL Internet Phone. The difference being that with AOL Internet Phone it was available exclusively for those who were members of AOL. With Total Talk VoIP, broadband users throughout American and Canada will enjoy the convenience offered by AOL. Some of the services offered with total Talk VoIP include:

* E911

* Three-way calling

* Call and voicemail management

AOL prides itself in providing many features that their competitors do not offer. Users of AOL's VoIP services can be alerted to new voice messages that will be sent directly to their cell phones, if they so choose. Along with that convenience, the VoIP service allows for several extensions without requiring different phone numbers. This is a great value if you have more than one person in your home receiving calls or for the family with teenagers. AOL is also working on offering a new section to the Total Talk that allows not only PC-to-PC calling capability but also PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-PC.

AOL has three different types of plans available that include unlimited local and regional calls, unlimited calls in the United States and Canada, and unlimited calls in the United States and Canada along with low International rates. Before deciding on the plans carefully review what they have to offer. There may be penalties if you subscribe to the service and then decide it is not what you expect and cancel. Look to see if there are any installation or set-up fees. When you select the plan, AOL will send you everything you need to convert your telephone number over to using your computer for making and receiving calls. If you should have any complications in setting up the Total Talk VoIP AOL service, you can call their technical services department 24-hours a day and they will be happy to assist you through the setup and connection process.

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Source: www.articletrader.com