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Will Customer Service Job Interview Questions Decide Your Employment Future?

Customer service job interview questions could be extremely important during your next job interview.

The reason is simple; the sad fact is that the West in general and the United States in particular is steadily losing its manufacturing jobs to countries that have a less-expensive labor force, typically in the East.

Many of the jobs that are being created are in the service sector, where present and future sales depend far more on a fierce focus on the customer - so expect a lot of questions centered around customer service during your job interview.

What can you expect to be asked? Well, here are some common customer service job interview questions.

As the service sector of the economy grows, your future employer will focus on its greatest single asset, its customers. And you will be expected to support that asset by providing good customer service.

Customer service job interview questions will explore your ability to meet, and exceed, customer expectations.

The interviewer will need to be satisfied that you will learn and follow the customer service standards, that you will be able to anticipate the future needs of the customer, and that you will be proactive and try to meet those needs in order to help future sales.

If you've been employed before, the interviewer might focus on your background. Did you receive any customer service training with a previous employer? What did you learn from that training? Did you successfully complete workshops and seminars that were focused on customer service delivery?

If you can answer these questions well, and provide details of how your customer service expertise has grown over time, you will have a good change of being listed as a superior applicant.

During your job interview you can anticipate considerable emphasis on your ability to work with a customer who is unhappy. Can you focus on the fact that the customer is upset and is not personally attacking you, even if the language and attitude of a difficult client is extreme?

Difficult situations occur more frequently than most employers admit, so they'll want to know you can stay calm. Can you concentrate on the issue and find solutions to restore the customer's faith in your new organization? If you can think on your feet and remain calm and collected, you'll be valuable to any company that has a strong customer focus.

The interviewer will ask if you are the sort of person who will commit and deliver to the customer? Do you have a proven track record of following through with what you promise? As events unfold, do you get back to your customer, tell them if the situation has changed, and offer a second or even third solution?

Another topic you can anticipate during your job interviews is a focus on relationships. Can you create good working relationships with customers? What skills do you have in this area? Could you give examples or answers that proved to the customer that you valued his or her business?

Given the importance of the "service" sector of the current economy, the right answers to customer service job interview questions could help you secure a job in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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