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When You Absolutely Have To Earn A Living From Home - Discover The Difference Between Hype and Hope

If you need to find a way to make money at home, you don't want to be insulted by any work at home scams. You know there are legitimate ways to earn money with a home based business. But, you are in a position where you can't wait to be paid. You don't have the luxury to wait for your business to thrive to the point where you see real money. What you need is a job. But it has to be at home.

There was a time when that would seem almost impossible. With 21st century technology, it's no longer wishful thinking. There are now real jobs with real paychecks. And yes, the job requires you to perform your duties right from your own home. You'll be a home based business owner and as such, entitled to all the tax deductions. You get to choose your own hours so it's perfect for stay at home moms, retirees, disabled persons, college students or for anyone who wants to be able to have the choice to earn their living from their own home.

Homeshoring is the term used. It just means that it's the practice of moving customer service contracts out of the call centers and into the employee's home. After the backlash of sending these jobs overseas, big business had a wake-up call. Customer resentment and dissatisfaction will do that! Now the jobs are back home where they should have stayed.

Businesses are thrilled with this new breed of customer service representative. There's no longer a high turnover in staff like a traditional call center. And now there is a larger pool from which to find talented agents. These employees are happier so customer service is at an all-time high. 20% of all US enterprises are currently using home based agents. This figure is expected to triple by 2010!

An example of companies now using home based customer service agents are: MasterCard, Citibank, Proctor & Gamble, AAA Auto Clubs and American and Continental Airlines. Office Depot closed several of their own call centers in order to hire representatives who will work from home.

This is a concept that benefits everyone. Who doesn't like the idea of commuting down the hallway? Especially when you factor in the money saved by not having to leave the home to go to work. So if you absolutely need to make money at home NOW and you can't wait for a home based business to show a profit, there is good news for you! After all, work is what you DO. Not where you go to do it!

(c) Karen Cook

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Karen Cook works in a Public Library where she researches work at home opportunities.

Source: www.articlecity.com