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What Is Real Customer Service?

On Tuesday I walked into a store and was browsing around for a particular product. The store didn't have it. I approached a customer service representative and asked them where I could find the item. After receiving some blank stares, I was told that they didn't know where I could find the product.

I went home and spent a couple of hours trying to track down the product. I eventually did and placed my order. This incident led me to ask, what is real customer service? Is real customer service providing value and service to paying customers only? Do you have an obligation to help the customer even when you don't carry an item?

I would say that good customer service is always looking out for the interests of your customer, even when a sale will not occur. If your customer is looking for a particular item or service and you can help them get it, even from a different vendor, I believe you have a duty to the customer to inform them of that information.

This recently happened with one of my customers. I didn't carry the item but I knew where that person could find it and directed her to that vendor.

Why would I do that? The reason is goodwill. Putting your customer first will create goodwill for you and your business. Many customers will remember the dedication and quality customer service that you provided and may be inclined to visit you in the future. so future sales may be materialized.

The vendor that you referred the customer to may also be inclined to forward their customers to you. Many vendors will appreciate the business that you sent them and will send customers to you when their inventory of a certain product doesn't exist.

Finally, you should do it for your customer. Putting the customer first will foster an environment where you will be more likely to provide a special experience for your customers.

Anthony B. is the founder and owner of http://ItsTheRightWay.com a news, political and sports commentary website.

Anthony has over 7 years of experience as a business professional

Source: www.articledashboard.com