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Vonage Telephone VOIP Customer Review

I'm a Vonage telephone service user. I have used Vonage for about two years now. In that period I have saved at least several hundred dollars using Vonage phone service. Vonage is a VOIP which means voice over IP address. This means it uses you pre-existing high speed internet connection to attach to the Vonage servers and get phone calls to your home.

My review will focus in on the benefits of Vonage service as well as some of the drawbacks. You'll also see my final analyses on this service.

What I have liked about Vonage is the price. You pay under $25 bucks per month for a phone full of services. Services that include unlimited long distance phone service in the whole USA and Canada with no additional charges. Basically you are getting free long distance service nationally. Now if you are the kind of person that makes international phone calls you'll also see a benefit. The charges to call overseas are significant. My old long distance phone carrier charged $.35 per minute to a certain area I called. With Vonage the charge was only $.04 per minute.

I also have a business line that only costs me $14.99 per month since it only has 600 minutes on the plan. But that's enough for the few calls I make and receive from my business line per month.

The one fault I find with Vonage is that sometimes calls are choppy. This occurs during periods when your internet connection is slower or interrupted for some reason. This is not due to anything that Vonage is doing but the status of your own internet connection.

My final analyses is that we are mostly using our cell phones to make calls. We hardly use land phone lines anymore. Vonage cuts down on the price of your phone bill every month on a service we are using less and less of. I definitely recommend Vonage.

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