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Things You Can Do In The Bathroom To Assure Make-You-Happy Customer Service

“Things You Can Do In The Bathroom To Assure Make-You-Happy Customer Service

Ok, I was in a weird mood when I created that title, but hey, if you can’t have a little fun…

You would think that the reason I put the 6 inch by 1-1/2 inch sign below on the mirror in the bathroom is to keep the bathroom clean right?...

“The Next Person Using This Sink May Be The Person
Who Gives You Your Pay Check…
Our Client
Please show him the pride you have in servicing him
by leaving this restroom spotless.”

Well, maybe not wrong, but keeping the restroom clean is at best the 3rd reason I have the sign up.

And… to be sure we catch the attention of our team members, we have about 10 different signs that we rotate. The second line changes to,

Who pays for your car
Who pays for your next vacation
Who pays for your home
Who determines the amount of your next raise
Who puts your kid through college
You get it.

We also put the sign in a different place on the mirror periodically to catch our team member’s attention.

So what are the two main reasons I have these signs in the restroom?

1. To remind our team members that the customer is the boss, the customer gives us everything, and to set our customer service expectations at a high level.
2. Customers do actually use our restrooms at times so I use this to tell our customers that they should expect exceptional customer service.

And the third reason is, the restrooms have actually been kept a bit cleaner since I put up the signs.

That’s just one of the hundreds of ideas clients in my Make-You-Happy Customer Service Inner Circle get to reinforce Make-You-Happy Customer Service in their stores daily.