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The State Of The Mobile Phone Industry In The UK

The reports of a recent research conducted by an independent research agency to gauge the state of the mobile phone industry in the UK revealed some interesting particulars.

A high level of mobile penetration in the UK was a fact that came up. It was found that around 39 million adults in the UK possessed a mobile phone handset of their own. They were also found to be spending a substantial amount of money on monthly phone bills.

In the backdrop of this scenario, network operators and service providers have no other alternative but to enhance the quality and level of customer service, if they want to retain their base of customers. Consequently, the mobile network operators are investing substantially to lure phone users to subscribe to their services. Most of the leading network operators have been successful in their endeavors in this regard, scoring at least a 95 per cent in customer satisfaction.

It can be said that the mobile phone industry in the UK is a witness to severe competition. Network service providers are determined to outdo each other with their carefully devised deals and attractive offers in phone usage. They are designing deals that the customers simply cannot refuse. They are also trying to make themselves out to be the best in terms of coverage and call quality. In addition, many among them are providing innovative third generation (3g) services to their subscribers.

All these trends in the mobile phone industry in the UK translate into a pleasant reality for users of mobile phones. After all, it is for them that the innovative deals and attractive offers are being put together in the first place.

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