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The Importance Of Supporting Our Troops With Care Packages

The troops fighting overseas in Iraq are caught up in the middle of a terrible war, which is getting worse and worse every day. More and more American troops are getting hurt and killed daily. The worst part about this war is that our enemy is too much of a coward to fight face to face; they have to use suicide bombs to do their damage. Since this is the case, our troops have to stay on guard and keep their eyes open at all times. Keeping up your guard twenty four hours a day can really take a toll on your psyche. The only thing that keeps these troops going is the hope of returning home, and the memories that they have of their loved ones. Our troops need to know that we love them and care about them and are very thankful for the job they are doing in Iraq. The best way we can support our troops is by sending them care packages. Care packages can be a wide variety of things from food, to a letter, to items that remind them of home.

If you would like to warm a troop’s heart you can bake some brownies, or make one of your favorite dishes. Then you can package this up and send it overseas so that the troops can get a small taste of home. Food is very good at raising the morale of troops while they are away at war. If you do not have time to cook something, or you would rather give the troops some inspiring words then you can just write them a letter. Whether it is a poem, some funny jokes you heard, or just a thank you, our troops would love to hear from you, because it reminds them what they are fighting for. Another thing you can do to support our troops is sending them some items that they might want or need from America. If you have a little extra money and you would like to send them a CD or something like that, you could really raise their spirits with a small gift. No matter what you have time or money to do, you can make a difference in a troop’s day and maybe get them through a tough time during their service overseas.

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