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Not so Sold on AOL for Broadband

Due to my naivety, I have used AOL for broadband for three years. It did not occur to me that better options were available. I have no information about the other broadband internet service providers. I had been using AOL since the early part of the 90ís and I thought that it was the sole option available. I was using their dial up service, while believing that, although it was slow and unreliable, anything else would be too technical and complicated to use. This kind of mindset was probably common to all AOL users. No one really loves AOL for broadband; they just thought that it is the only choice for those who are computer illiterate.

I was using AOL broadband Internet for years and was never aware of the role it played in my various computer troubles. As I would use AOL for broadband, my computer would get gradually slower. In the beginning it would take more time to go between windows, and then ultimately my download time would go to a crawl. I had dismissed it as some sort of Windows problem because Windows during those early years was pretty unstable. However, I soon realized that AOL for broadband was responsible for screwing up everything on my computer.

The trouble is that AOL for broadband puts too much emphasis on adding proprietary content to their service, that they clog up everything so that it moves annoyingly slow. If you are fond of AOL weather, AOL news, and other services then using AOL for broadband might not bother you as much. On the other hand, if you prefer to use the length and breadth of the World-Wide-Web, and have the space required for other purposes, then you should use a different internet service provider.

Iím sure that you will appreciate a change in services, because AOL for broadband pales in comparison to modern, faster, better made services. You can easily find two competing Internet service provider which offer high speed internet in every city. If you are considering a change in services, it would be a good idea to examine your options carefully to find the best high speed internet option.

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