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New Trends in Jobs for Moms - Homeshoring

We have all heard of outsourcing and sending jobs for foreign countries, but "homeshoring" is the newest trend in jobs for moms.

Homeshoring is when, instead of sending jobs overseas, companies provide employees with the tools to do the work from home rather than have to go into the central office.

With good internet access and phone skills, mothers can now do work that used to be sent abroad.

The benefit to companies is clear. They save money on high-overhead call centers, get educated North American employees, provide great customer service. and often (but not always), the jobs are independent contractor positions so they may not need to provide benefits.

The benefit to employees or contractors is flexible work hours, no commute, and the ability to spend more time with family.

Call Centre Clinic, a UK provider of call centre information, notes that "Home-based call centre agents have been described by BT's futurologist, Dr Nicola Millard, of BT Global Services, as the hot trend in UK call centres for 2008, a view supported by leading research house Datamonitor."

In fact LiveOps, the largest distributed contact center in the U.S., announced that they have seen 400% growth in the number of its home-based customer service agents between the beginning of 2004 and 2007.

I personally think this is a great trend. Many companies have taken a reputation beating for sending jobs overseas and providing substandard customer service as a result. This trend is a win-win for companies, customers, and most importantly.. mothers!

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Janice Evans is a Seattle-based mother of two boys. She is an avid researcher of the ways that mothers can generate income either while staying at home with the kids, or by going back to the office after maternity leave.

She has a blog at http://jobsformoms.weebly.com where she writes about jobs for moms online and off.

Source: www.articlecity.com