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Legal Advice Against Cell Phone Companies For Low Service

According to a study conducted by the Better Business Bureau, around 30,483 complaints were filed by customers against different cell phone companies. The two most common problems that every cell phone customer experiences are low service and unnecessary charges that are levied from the cell phone company. Apart from these, certain other complaints include inadequate customer service desk, improper billing and fraudulent contract terms.

Any cell phone company does not guarantee quality of service or availability of network. This is clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the contract that is signed before availing the service. Apart from this, the existing agreements also prevent the customer from making any claims against the cell phone company for improper service. However, in cases of low service a consumer is liable to break the contract by paying a nominal fee to the cell phone company. But, a continued low service has resulted in customers filing lawsuits against the companies.

According to Lois Aronstein, who is the AARP New York State Director, the New York State is proposing an improved Cell Phone Consumer Protection Act for the purpose of protecting customers from the woes of cell phone companies. According to this legislation, cell phone companies would have to disclose all the fees, surcharges and taxes levied on the customer. The new legislation would enable the customer to cancel his contract without paying any penalty. However, the cancellation must be done within fifteen days of receiving the first bill. Apart from these, the cell phone company must provide the customers with details regarding their network coverage and cell phone’s E-911 capabilities.

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