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Is AOL Spyware Protection Really All That Good?

One of the perks of doing business with American Online is that the Internet service provider offers a wide range of support services to their customers. Among those service offering is the ability to take advantage of AOL spyware tools and protective measures. But do these products really work? Here is the scoop on the effectiveness of the spyware and adware protection offered by AOL.

The bottom line is that AOL does an excellent job of creating products that work very well for their customers. In the case of the spyware protection, the AOL product can be set to engage as soon as the customer logs into the AOL network and begins to use the Internet. This simplicity in usage means that there is no need to remember to run a scan. Instead, the product lets you know when something is out of line and lets you take care of the problem at once. Few other products offer this high level of functionality, so it is definitely a plus for people who prefer to have as many automatic features associated with protection services as possible.

Another nice thing about the AOL software is that it provides protection from a great deal of issues. Along with spyware, it is also possible to use the programs to deal with adware and even viruses. This means that AOL will remove adware virus issues, as well as take care of removing spyware Trojans. It is actually easy to spend a great deal of money to get software packages that will do the same thing. However, if you happen to be an AOL subscriber, the tools are already yours for the asking.

Using the AOL products is no more difficult than any of the other spyware offerings on the market today. Just about the only drawback is that the tools do not tend to work when you are using an alternate method to connect to the Internet. For example, if you use AOL at home but use a different service when you unplug the laptop and connect using a wireless service, you may not be able to use the tools to protect your system during that period.

AOL has been around for a long time now, much longer than many providers for online connectivity. One of the advantages to this longevity is that the company has had plenty of time to understand what their client base needs, and how to develop products that help to meet those needs. It is not wonder that AOL emerged as the clear leader in providing these types of tools to customers ahead of everyone else. If you are a subscriber to AOL, then why not make use of the spyware and adware protection they have in place? Your computer hard drive will thank you for the effort.

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Source: www.isnare.com