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Is A Back Support Better If It Pumps Up?

While many people try to differentiate between a pump up back lumbar support and a regular pillow-type posture support, the results are often the same. The principle between the two is largely the same and can still lead to some of the same problems.

Problems? Aren't all lumbar supports a good thing? Or is the pump up back lumbar support the only way to go? I know that many people seek out these devices to help with low back pain and they work... for awhile.

The real issue here is that these support do just that, they support. They don't fix and they certainly don't strengthen any of the back muscles that so desperately need to be built up to really make a lasting change in your posture.

If you're seeking a posture support to help with back pain, you'll find that the support helps. It helps because it puts your spine into a better position and that's definitely a good thing.

However, since you are not using your own muscles to do this work, they will begin to weaken over time. After awhile, you will find yourself dependent on low back supports and need them in just every chair you sit in.

The alternative is to strengthen your postural back muscles and, in a sense, make your own pump up back lumbar support out of your own muscles. This is the only way I know to counteract all of your normal daily activities and make a real difference when you're seeking to change your posture.

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Source: www.isnare.com