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How I Saved My Family Budget $139.88 This Month

There is one simple thing we all can do to save money. A few months ago I was checking over my phone bill and discovered that I had been charged for $3.99 monthly over a period of about 6 months. The charge was for International Call Plan, which I never signed up for. I do not call overseas, therfore I do not need that plan. I cannot remember now how much if any credit I was given.

This month I decided to go on line and pay my phone bill as I do many of my bills. And I clicked on the link that led me to My Services. I was being charged for DSL and Dial-Up. Anyone knows if you have DSL you do not need Dial-Up service. The monthly fee was $9.95. So I called SBC/ATT and spoke to someone in customer service. I wanted to know first of all if the charge was for Dial-Up and not Internet hosting. My hosting is being charged directly to my phone bill. So that means I have been charge $9.99 a month for a year, for a service I do not need and do not use. That amounts to $119.88. The customer service person explained that the Dial-Up service had never been "merged" with the DSL account and that the Dial-Up service was setup by the company temporarily until I received my DSL stuff in the mail. So she credited me for 11 months @ $9.99 each. That totals $109.89.

Yesterday I was online going over my checking account. I discovered that $29.99 was debited for Sports Illustrated. I had started a free subscription as a customer at Blockbuster video store. I found the letter that described my dicounted subscription fee and the date that my account would be debited. My account was debited on December 2 and the letter said it would be debited on December 26. They took the money 24 day sooner. I cancelled it and my money will be refunded back to my account within 10 days.

That totals $139.88. It's near Christmas time and I could use that to buy a few things for those in need.

So let this be lesson to you. Remember to check your services and bills for accuracy. The company is not necessarily looking out for you. You have to look out for your hard-earned money.

Good Luck!

Glenda Thomas is the editor of Sister 2 Sister Newsletter.

Source: www.articlecity.com