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How I Can Tell When You Are Not Serious About Customer Service

Is your Company or Corporation really serious about customer service? If you are and just kidding yourself do not expect the customer to develop schizophrenia like you and simply not notice the reality of the situation. As a customer I know and you should know I know, you know? How I can tell when you are not serious about Customer Service?

Believe it or not it is not very difficult to spot fake customer service. You can tell by the body language of the employees at the counter. You can tell by the voice of those on the telephone from the company. You can tell by the faces of customers leaving the business after purchasing. And eventually you can hear it on the street, because poor customer service spreads like wildfire, 10 times faster than positive word-of-mouth advertising. A little customer service goes a long way.

The fact is that you can fake many things in life and probably in business too, but one thing you cannot fake is good customer service. Now, many people cannot describe what exactly good customer service is. But rest assured they know lousy customer service when it occurs. So, please consider this in 2006.

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