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Hospitality Jobs - Customer Service

There are many different types of customers which can be separated into two different categories, internal customers and external customer. External customers are your clientele that come into your establishment, dinners, gamblers, drinkers, private functions, sporting groups, families, members and the general community. Internal customers are staff, directors, managers, contractors and sub contractors. Most people don't realise that staff and the like are also considered customers.

So, what is customer service? A simple definition of customer service is:

To meet and exceed the customers intellectual and emotional needs and expectations, and then adding value.

To meet and exceed the customers expectations! So how is that accomplished? The following is a list that identifies some aspects of customer service.

  • Make people feel important and comfortable
  • Acknowledgement of people
  • Communication both verbal and non verbal e.g. body language
  • Efficient service
  • Timely service - when the customer wants the service
  • Meeting the customers needs e.g. physical needs, emotional
  • Friendly service
  • Knowledge of products and services

The above list is by no account exhaustive; however it will give you an excellent base on which to start. Some organisations will have a customer service charter or standard that you have to follow, most will not.

Customer satisfaction is ultimately a result of the total experience they have had in your organisation which includes the atmosphere, cleanliness and environment. So, who decides if excellent customer service is delivered? Is it you, your managers, the board or other staff? The answer is none of the above. You may deliver all of the standards above or more, but if the customer doesn't feel well served, your customer service is poor. The customer decides if they have received good service and no one else.

There are many benefits to the organisation you work for in giving good customer service but there are also many benefits for you.

  • Increase sales and profit
  • Repeat business and larger sales
  • More new customers
  • Savings in marketing, advertising and promotions
  • Fewer complaints
  • Positive company reputation
  • Improved employee morale and productivity
  • Customer respond positively to employee
  • Fewer employee grievances and absenteeism
  • Less employee turnover
  • More opportunities for promotion

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The Essential Training company was founded in 2005 to cater for the apparent skills shortage in entry level positions within the hospitality industry in Australia. They have developed many hospitality operations training packages which incorporate basic elements of hospitality operations within Australia, and attempts to educate future workers on the attitudes, skills and work ethics required to make a career in this rapidly changing industry.

The founders and educators have over 35 years experience in the Hospitality industry in position such as;
General Manager
Operations Manager
Food and Beverage Manager
Human Resource Manager
OH&S and risk Manager
Chef and restaurant Manager
Higer Education teacher


Source: www.articlesbase.com