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Helpful Information on ATT Long Distance

If you're looking for information on ATT long distance then you've come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss all the different ATT long distance plan options and give you a good summary that will allow you to decide whether ATT is right for your long distance needs or not.

ATT long distance is a pre- subscribed long distance service. This means that you agree to switch your long distance carrier to ATT. Switching to ATT or any other long distance provider involves a sign up process followed by a phone or email verification confirming that you do want to switch long distance carriers with your local phone company.

ATT has a number of different long distance plan options. First off, ATT has a couple of unlimited long distance plans. Some of these require a broadband internet connection some don't. They generally range in price from $24.99-$32.99 per month and are great if you make over a 1,000 minutes of domestic long distance calls every month. If you don't call that much you're better off with a long distance plan that charges per minute. Also, these unlimited plans don't give you very good rates for international calls. ATT also has a couple of domestic long distance plans where you can pay by the minute. These plans have monthly fees that range between $2.99-$11.99 per minute and then they give you a flat 10 /min., not so great. International rates are not that great with these plans. Finally, ATT long distance also has international plans that have monthly fees of between $1-$11.99 a month and rates are not the best. You also have to take into account that you will be charged taxes and USF fees on all these plans. Altogether this adds an additional 15-20% to your bill.

As you can see ATT has a lot of different options. While these can provide you with choices it can also be confusing at times. If you're looking for really great long distance rates, ATT long distance is not your best option. You would do far better to look at what MCI, Tel3LD and Sprint have to offer and compare rates. Rates can vary very widely from one long distance company to the next and you can save a tremendous amount of money by comparing other long distance companies with ATT long distance.

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Marcus D'Costa has been involved in the research and promotion of many of the top long distance companies for over 7 years now. Marcus has suffered the headaches involved in choosing the right long distance plan so that you don't have to.

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