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Free Mobile Phone Upgrades: How Do You Know If You Are Getting The Best Deal?

Mobile phone upgrades are easy to do – if you know where and how to do it.

A “mobile phone upgrade” is where an existing customer of a network (eg T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, O2, 3G, Virgin etc), who has been with that network for about 1 year since getting their last mobile phone, gets a new mobile phone from the network at a free, or cheap discount price, in return for agreeing to stay with that network for another 12 months, under a 12 month contract agreement. The customer keeps their existing mobile phone number, and stays with the same network. This is called a “mobile phone upgrade” – often it is a free mobile phone upgrade!

To get the best offer for a free or cheap mobile phone upgrade you must understand this. The mobile phone networks pay a mobile phone dealer more for a new customer (new mobile phone contract) than they do for a mobile phone upgrade customer. This odd situation has been the same for many years. The only network that seems to pay mobile phone dealers nearly as much for an upgrade customer as for a new free mobile phone customer is Three (also known as 3 or 3G). The other mobile phone networks simply do not seem to value their existing customers as much!

The craziness of this situation is that it encourages you to be disloyal to your current network.

What does this means to you? How can you get the best deal from knowing all this, so you can get a free mobile phone upgrade AND get other benefits? Read on …

The amount that a mobile phone dealer can give to you will depend on how much money he is making. If he is making more money from a ‘new’ mobile phone contract customer than for an upgrade customer, then he will be able to give the ‘new’ mobile phone contract customer a bigger discount or a free mobile phone or maybe more!

Now, did you know that instead of upgrading your phone on the same network (where you probably will not get such a good deal or a free mobile phone etc), you can switch to a NEW and different network AND keep your existing mobile phone number? This is true.

Now, knowing that you can keep your mobile phone number, and that you can usually get a better deal as a ‘new’ customer on another network, what are you going to do?

You can simply become a ‘new’ customer on a different network … this new network then treat you as a new customer, give you all the free mobile phone bonuses and gifts etc, AND you keep your mobile phone number!

So by simply looking around at all the offers available to you on all the other networks

The next article will tell you how you can get an even better deal …


Free Mobile Phones – How to get an even better Upgrade

Before you take the jump and switch to a different network for your free mobile phone upgrade, think about this …

Imagine you call your current network to tell them that you are thinking of leaving them to switch to another mobile network. Often that person you speak to will be on a commission to keep your business ie they will earn a bit of money if they can convince you to stay with that mobile phone network.

This means that you can use this to your advantage.

Tell them that you have had a great offer from another network (and do not lie – they will most likely know exactly what you could and could not get with another network). Simply ask them if they can equal or better the deal offered by this other network.

If they can equal it, then it is probably not worth the hassle of switching mobile phone networks and the paperwork. It is not too much hassle to do the switch but obviously it is easier to stay with your current mobile phone network.

Free mobile phone upgrades can be got in this way quite easily by simply understanding how the system works and how the money works in mobile phones and free mobile phone upgrades.

So next time, simply ask you current mobile phone network if they will better the free mobile phone offer from another network. Always ask if they can better the offer – don’t ask them to equal it or they will only equal it.

Good luck.

There is more tips than this at free-mobile-phone-upgrades.blogspot.com - other tips on how to get the best free mobile phone upgrade.

Duncan Elliott runs a number of mobile phone websites including http://www.mobile-phone-upgrade.com and http://www.free-mobile-phone-uk.org.uk/

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